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Department of Interior Design
Welcome to Tainan University of Technology
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  • Day School: four-year bachelor’s degree program
  • Continuing Education Division: four-year bachelor’s degree program


  1. Both theory and practice are combined in our teaching.
  2. Students take computer drawing training courses to meet the current requirements and future developments in the design field.
  3. Strengthen students’ competitive ability through the graduation design project and participation in mainstream international design competitions.
  4. Help students integrate knowledge and skills to meet the professional needs of the industry through collaborative teachings with industry designers and internship courses.


  • The curriculum is designed to inspire students’ creativity and professional skills through the digital learning environment. Students are encouraged to participate in certification exams and join in international exchanges to strengthen  their cultural humanities to achieve innovative curriculum goals.

Career Opportunities

  1. Graduates can develop their career in fields such as interior design companies, architecture firms, furniture companies, and computer graphic companies.
  2. Graduates can participate not only in government certification exams, but also pursue further study in relevant fields.
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